Healthier Host

 If you are hosting Thanksgiving and want to have a healthier meal, here are some tips:
  1. Use smaller plates: Research shows people typically try to fill and clean their plates, regardless of size. 
  2. Leave bowls of food in kitchen and not on the table where it is easy to grab seconds and thirds and fourths.
  3. Serve only white meat turkey without the skin.
  4. Use a gravy separator to remove the gravy fat before serving.
  5. Make sweet potatoes instead of white mashed potatoes which typically has butter and sour cream or half & half.  Sweet potatoes are higher in vitamins and minerals.  Add a small amount of trans-fat free margarine and brown sugar. 
  6. Stuffing: Make your own using whole-wheat bread. There are many recipes online. 
  7. Green bean casserole: Use 98% fat free condensed mushroom soup, skim milk and make your own fried onions for the topping.  Chop onions, coat them in flour and cook on the stove with cooking spray.  Leave out the soy sauce to reduce sodium.
  8. Pumpkin pie: Make your own crust with graham crackers and trans-fat free margarine.  Use skim evaporated milk, egg beaters and fat free cool whip to replace high calorie alternatives.